License Requirements
     Massachusetts Unrestricted Construction Supervisor LicenseMassachusetts Restriced Construction Supervisor License

Specialty Construction Supervisor

The State of Massachusetts requires 6 hours of board-approved Continuing Education per two-year license cycle.

The 6 hours of Continuing Education must include:

(2) hours of Code Review
(1) hour of Work Place Safety
(1) hour of Business Practices / Workers Comp
(1) hour of Energy Efficiency
(1) hour of Lead Safe Practices

The (6) hours can be completed on-line.

Our Full Class Package includes (6) hours of On-Line training, which have all been approved and accredited by the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS).

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Specialty Construction Supervisor (6) Hour On-Line Continuing Education Package $89

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This package is designed to fulfill the (On-Line) continuing education requirements of Massachusetts Specialty Construction Supervisor and includes:

     (6) hours of On-Line Class credits:
            - Work Place Safety        - Business Practices
            - Energy        - Lead Safety
            - Code Review (2 Hours)  

Students may complete online classes at their convience.

  (6) hour On-Line Continuing Education Package $89
Massachusetts Unrestricted Construction Supervisor Continuing Education Class Package CHEEP Massachusetts CSL Continuing Education Council, Coordinator ID Numbers: CD-0079, CD-0124, CD-0125, CD-0136, Course Approvals: CS-13600, CS-7911, CS-7909, CS-7906, CS-7905, CS-012500, CS-012501 This educational offering is recognized by the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards as satisfying (4) hours of credit toward continuing education requirements.


Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License Continuing Education Picture 2  Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Requirements

A summary of the Massachusetts CSL Continuing Education and License Renewal requirements are listed below:

Hours Required: 1. Construction Supervisors License (Unrestricted) | 12 Hours required
2. Construction Supervisors License (Restricted: 1- and 2- Family Dwelling) | 10 Hours required
3. Construction Supervisors Specialty License | 6 Hours required
       (Masonry, Roof Covering, Window & Siding, Fuel-Burning Appliance, Demolition, Insulation)
Renewal Deadline: All CSL license holders are required to provide proof of completed continuing education each two-year renewal cycle. A renewal of an original license shall be for periods of two-years and a renewal license shall expire two years from the date of issuance, which is noted on the license. A renewal license will not be issued unless applied for within one year of the expiration date.
On-line Hours: Qualified licensees may acquire up to a maximum of six (6) hours of continuing education via on-line training. Remaining hours shall be acquired through in-person, classroom training.
Carryover Allowed: Excess hours of continuing education may not be carried over to the following renewal period.
Course Approval: Courses shall be approved by the BBRS in advance and will be approved on the basis of the applicant’s compliance with these continuing education provisions in the regulated industries. The BBRS will make the final determination as to the approval and assignment of credit hours for courses. Courses must be at least one (1) hour in length.
Course Topics: The following hours of continuing education topics are required for 12- and 10-hour trainings for Unrestricted and Restricted Construction Supervisors:
     1. Code Review  (4) hours
     2. Workplace Safety (1) hour
     3. Business Practices / Workers' Compensation (1) hour
     4. Energy (except Demolition Specialty License) (1) hour
     5. Lead Safe Practices (only first renewal cycle) (1) hour
The remainder of credit hours are to be completed by approved electives.

Each continuing education course must be attended or completed in its entirety in order to receive credit for the number of approved hours.
Course Examinations: A licensee shall be required to answer a minimum of 5 questions relating to the material covered in each 30-minute period of an on-line course. At the conclusion of a complete on-line training session, a licensee shall be required to successfully complete a final examination comprised of 20 questions, answering at least 16 correctly (80%).
Contractor Reporting: Required continuing education shall be reported in a manner prescribed by the BBRS. Licensees are responsible for maintain copies of course completion certificates. Proof of completion is required by physical or digital records. The BBRS reserves the right to audit a licensee’s continuing education records.
State Licensing Authority Website:
Contact Information: Office of Public Safety and Inspections
1000 Washington Street, Suite 710
Boston, MA 02118
Course Content: Continuing education consists of approved courses that impart appropriate and related knowledge in the regulated industries. Courses may include relevant materials that are included in licensing exams subject to the limitations imposed in 780 CMR 110.R5.4.6, item 1. The burden of demonstrating that courses impart appropriate and related knowledge is upon the person seeking approval or credit.

Unless determined by the coordinator textbooks are not required to be used for continuing education courses. The coordinator must provide students with a syllabus containing, at a minimum, the course title, the times and dates of the course offering, the names and addresses or telephone numbers and email address of the course coordinator and instructor, and a detailed outline of the subject materials to be covered. Any written or printed material given to students must be of readable quality and contain accurate and current information.

The following courses will not be approved for credit:

1. courses designed solely to prepare students for a license examination in a discipline other than CSL;
2. courses in mechanical office skills, including typing, speed reading, or other machines or equipment. Computer or
    business skills courses are allowed, if appropriate and related to the regulated industry of the licensee;
3. courses in motivation, psychology, or any other course not related to the building industry.
4. courses that are primarily intended to impart knowledge of specific products of specific companies, if the use of the
    product or products relates to the sales promotion or marketing of one or more of the products discussed.
Board Provisions: Courses must be approved by the BBRS in advance and will be approve on the basis of the applicant's compliance with the provisions of this section relating to continuing education in the regulated industries. The BBRS shall make the final determination as to the approval and assignment of credit hours for courses. Courses must be at least one hour in length.

Approval will not be granted for time spent on meals or other unrelated activities. Breaks may not be accumulated in order to dismiss the class early. Classes shall not be offered to any one student for longer than six hours in one day, excluding meal breaks.

Application for course approval must be submitted 120 days before the course offering.

Approval is granted for a subsequent offering of identical continuing education courses without requiring a new application if the course is offered within the approved 24 month cycle. The BBRS shall deny future offerings of courses if they are found not to be in compliance with the laws relating to course approval. Course shall be updated subject to periodic review by the BBRS to ensure currency with technological changes in 780 CMR.

Live class cancellation and refund policy:

Students are welcome to cancel a live class enrollment (for any reason) and request a full refund as long as they notify our school in writing
(7) days prior to their enrolled class date. Students who fail to attend an enrolled class, or are tardy, or are unable to totally fullfill the
mandated time and attendance requirements (for any reason) are not entitled to a refund, nor to partial class credit, nor to a future class
enrollment as a substitution for their originally enrolled class.

We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled class due to minimum enrollments, inclement weather, emergencies situations, scheduling
issues, etc. In such a case, students would be notified (48) hours before the scheduled class date by the phone number or the email address
provided on enrollment by the student. In that situation, students would receive their choice of a full refund or an enrollment in one of our
future classes.

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